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I am a television producer making a new crime documentary series for an international broadcaster. I hoping to find retired officers who may have worked on some of the cases we are featuring. I was steered in your direction by a media officer at a police head quarters that I initially contacted. 

The series features murders that have taken place around the coast of the UK and has the crime writer Geoffrey Wansall as its presenter. The style of the series will take on a vintage theme, almost like that of a Agatha Christie novel. We are looking to feature expert witnesses connected to the crimes featured via interviews to camera, we would like to hear from professional people who dealt with the crime directly, giving their account of the role played in events.

If possible could you circulate this request to your members please? The case I am featuring connected to your area is that of the Nottingham crime boss Colin Gunn, dating back to the early 2000’s, it would be ideal to try to speak to any of the officers or detectives involved in this case, solving the murders of the Stirlands. I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider speaking to me further regarding circulating this request asking ex-officers to be part of this production

We are one of the top producers of crime based documentaries in the country. We have many years of experience of working with victims of crime, police, forensic detectives, psychologists and other specialised services. Sensitivity, respect and integrity are our priority. Our last production for CBS – Voice of a Serial Killer had the biggest viewing figures in the channel’s history due it’s quality and contemporary telling of the crimes featured .

Please let me reassure you, that we are not in the business of glamorising or sensationalising crime in any way, shape or form, we solely focussed 100% on telling the true story through bonafide experts and true witnesses linked to the crime. We will protect professional integrity at all times throughout the production and approach the case with extreme respect and sensitivity, we are an award winning production company and take all measures possible to guard the reputation we have built up over the years. We would just like to convey the story in the correct manner and allow more depth to come from the contributors in order for the viewer to engage and empathise with each individual case featured, I hope you can assist me in achieving this please. 

I am attaching below a draft ‘Shout Out’ intended for publication that if you’re happy with perhaps you could circulate it to all your members please?

Retired officers/detective needed to take part in television documentary for international broadcaster CBS   
We are looking for people who worked on the Colin Gunn case.

Gunn was convicted of planning the murder of two people in Trusthorpe, Lincolnshire in 2004. 

We would like to hear from anyone who worked on the case, with the possible intention of taking part in a filmed interview.

Monster films is an award-winning production company that has over the years built a solid reputation for producing crime related documentary television.  

My contact details are below – 

Bo Channon – 07920 226 121


Ron Nightingale has arranged the Hyson Green reunion at The Stadium Club, Nottingham Road on
Thursday 4th April starting 12 mid-day until 2pm
Cost with buffet is £5
Names and money please to:-
R J Nightingale, 473 Nuthall Road Nottingham NG8 5DD. Tele: 0115 9136109
Look forward to seeing you all including staff and other friends of Hyson Green sub division

Police Aid Convoys Vacancies

Police Aid Convoys
Paid – Part-time administrator needed

Salaried post or self employed to suit. Flexible average of 3 hours per day , five days per week, working from home or office.
This is the only paid post in the organisation because we need someone who is reliable, a good administrator, organiser and diary keeper. A lap-top and ‘phone is provided.

Contact Dave Scott
07795 623 999


Police Aid Convoys
Expenses only – honourary treasurer
The Aid Convoys are also looking for someone to act as honourary treasurer.
Working from home. Expenses or small allowance available.
Duties include book-keeping, monthly and annual returns to charity auditors, invoicing and paying bills.  This is a big voluntary contribution to our activities.

Contact Dave Scott
07795 623 999