The Pension Ombudsman in a South Wales case has determined that the Police and Crime Commissioner had a duty of care, as an employer, to have informed the Applicant of the tax implications of re – employment on his retirement benefits. Its failure to do so has led to the Applicant incurring tax charges on his retirement benefits.

As a responsible employer the Commissioner had a duty of care to inform the Applicant of the tax implications of re-employment on his retirement benefits. I find that as a consequence of their failure to do so that they should reasonably meet the tax PO-7096 liabilities incurred by the applicant in this regard. So, I agree with the stance taken by the Commissioner that it proposes to pay the tax liability for the applicant  in relation to this issue on confirmation of the amount from HMRC.

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Public Engagement Opportunity from NIHR-Draft National Standards for Public Involvement in Research

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has asked Age UK to share the following public engagement opportunity.   If you require assistance with any aspect of the survey please contact the Public & Patient (PPI) team at the NIHR Central Commissioning Facility at or telephone 020 8843 8041.


During 2016/17, Health and Care Research Wales, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), the Chief Scientist Office in Scotland and the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland have been working with public contributors as the ‘Public Involvement Standards Development Partnership’.

The partnership has been developing a set of national, core standards and indicators for public involvement (PI) in research that can be used by organisations, research projects and individuals to improve the quality and consistency of PI.

Your opportunity to have your say:

We now invite and welcome the involvement of as wide a range of interested groups, organisations and individuals as possible, to help us review and improve the draft standards and indicators.   The consultation will be running until Friday 01 September 2017.

Please visit our project website for more detailed information about the consultation process and to access all the resources you might need:

You can also go direct to the survey:

Thank you.

Age UKs Engagement team




Later Life Ambitions

Later Life Ambitions welcomes the government’s Housing White Paper, Fixing our broken housing market. We would like to see a change in the way politicians and the public view housing, and for it to be seen in terms of how we best support older people’s ambitions for later life and their contributions to society.

For further information and to view the response please see the attached or visit our website at:

Disability Rights UK

We as disabled people make up 1 in 5 of the UK population – that is all of us living with an impairment or long-term health condition. Let’s make our votes count!

Below we have suggested three questions you can ask the candidates in your constituency, as well as suggestions in bullet point on issues you may wish them to particularly respond on.

Make it clear that their answers will make a difference to the way you vote. Feel free to add any other questions that are important to you.

1. Are you committed to the rights of disabled people to participate fully in society?

2. Will you change the way the benefits system works for disabled people?

  • Are you committed to replacing the Work Capability Assessment and sanctions regime for disabled people claiming benefits?
  • Are you committed to no further benefit cuts affecting disabled people in the next Parliament?

3. Are you committed to a health and social care system that enables disabled people to lead full, independent lives?

  • Will you work to stop the rise in compulsory detention and forced treatment of people with mental health issues or learning disabilities?
  • Will you work to phase out restraint and seclusion?
  • Will you work for a social care funding solution that offers all disabled people more choice and control in our lives?
  • What are you going to do about the amount we have to pay in social care charges?

Make sure you can vote

Mansfield charity founder honoured by Prime Minister

Prime Minister Theresa May has named a retired police inspector from Mansfield a Point of Light for organising aid convoys to those in need. David Scott, 61, co-founded the National Police Aid Convoys charity 24 years ago to coordinate humanitarian aid deliveries around the world.

David and his team send out 30 containers a year to countries across Asia, Africa and Europe with a range of emergency and developmental aid donated by large organisations and smaller charities unable to afford transportation costs. David is the latest recipient of a Point of Light award, which recognises outstanding individual volunteers, people who are making a change in their community and inspiring others. Each day, someone, somewhere in the country is selected to receive the award to celebrate their remarkable achievements. Recent donations organised by the National Police Aid Convoys include the New Scotland Yard’s library which is now training future policemen in Zambia, sets of airline blankets for refugees and unused hospital beds now increasing the capacity in one of Pakistan’s busy hospitals. The charity has a core team of 200 volunteers which increases to 2000 throughout the year.

David is the 669th winner of the Points of Light award which has been developed in partnership with the hugely successful Points of Light programme in the USA and was first established by President George H. W. Bush. Over 5,000 US Points of Light have been awarded and both President George H. W. Bush and President Barack Obama have publicly supported the partnership with Points of Light UK which honours shining examples of volunteering across the country.

Regardless of whether it’s a doctor restoring local monuments in her free time, a father teaching young people life skills, or a local musician giving a voice to lonely people, the Point of Light award honours shining examples of volunteering across the UK. In a personal letter to David, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“The ‘National Police Aid Convoys’ charity you co-founded is supporting emergency aid to reach vulnerable international communities when they need it most. Under your chairmanship, your network of volunteers – now from all walks of life – are inspired to give so much to these important missions.

David said:

“This award is for the whole team. Each one of them plays to their strengths to help people they’re never likely to meet. The dedication, commitment, and simple giving of time is in all of us, and this team never stops giving. They have helped so many people in desperate situations in Syria, Africa, Pakistan and the Caribbean. It’s an honour, and it’s humbling, to be with such good people”.“

Benefits Helpline – a Warning

The message you are about to read has been forwarded by Mansfield Citizens Advice Bureau and was originally written by Dr Mark Barber, Head of Social Research and Policy, RNID, London – Please read for your information:
There is growing concern about a company called Benefits Helpline that is providing advice on all sorts of welfare benefits through a £1.50 per minute premium telephone service. Not only is this extortionate, but customers have reported being inundated with texts and emails urging them to use the service further. Obviously it would be good to inform our clients that they can, if they so choose, use this service but that they will receive no more nor better information than they would through our own free-to-access expertise. It’s also worth noting that they come up prominently if you Google ‘benefits advice’, so the unwary may be caught easily.

Subscription Increases
At Conference there was a motion to increase subscription to £19.80p per year, in line with what the Annual AGM had agreed in April, however due to voting technicalities this was lost, therefore the increase will be in line with inflation and therefore a full year’s subscription is set at £16.08 per annum.

Those who contribute by way of payroll deduction this will mean an increase of 4p per month to £1.34p. Those members who pay annually by cheque or Direct Debit should have already received notification of the increase. The widow’s contribution will remain unchanged

Further information can be found on Branch Circular 13/07 via this website.

We have been informed that a Statutory Instrument now amends the PIBR to include ESA as a relevant benefit. This is effective from 10th February 2017 but not retrospective. These Regulations amend the Police (Injury Benefit) Regulations 2006 to insert a reference to the employment and support allowance paid under sections 1(2)(a) or 1B of the Welfare Reform Act2007. This means that the amount of injury benefit pension received by a person who is also entitled to employment and support allowance must be reduced by the amount of employment and support allowance to which they are entitled. If you are entitled to ESA you must claim it otherwise you may be losing out.

Full Details of the Statutory Instrument can be downloaded by clicking here


Firstly the Secretary must apologise, the figures that were circulated via the email were out of date and consequently new figures have been obtained. What you must understand that these figures are generic, Income Tax is personal to the individual and in some case dependant on your age, marital status and income, so some of these figures may not apply. However the following does apply to all, if your 65 birthdays fall within a Tax Year I.E 6th April to 5th April the following year you can claim the allowances for the whole of that Tax Year, In order to do so the HMRC must have your date of birth to automatically apply these allowances, if you complete a Self Assessment Form each year they should have your birth details and this is a requirement on the form. However if your Tax is deducted from your pension and you only receive the P60 from Pensions Department it is likely that HMRC do not have your Date of Birth and therefore the Allowance may not be implemented until the next Tax year. It is your responsibility to ensure HMRC have the necessary details. If your Allowances are incorrect you can back claim for the preceding 6 Tax Years, but the reverse is also correct, if you have been under paying the HMRC can go back 6 Tax Years.
Personal Allowance for those aged 65-74 and 75 and over – 2008/09 Basic Rate £5435
Age 65-74 £9030*
Age 75 & over £9180*
Age Related Allowance for over 65 £21800* *If your income is over the Income limit of £21800 then the Age Related Allowance is reduced by half until the Basic rate allowance is received. For example if you’re 66 and have an income of £22300 – £500 over the limit your age related Allowance would be reduce by £250 to £8780. HMRC are very approachable if you have a query contact your local office

Details supplied by HMRC

Lest We Forget

Notts NARPO is trying to list all those Police Officers in County and City who served and died in the First World War. We would ask members to check the list to see if any of their relatives are among them and to see if you know of any others we may have missed. For those that are underlined we have very few details, so if you can help it would be appreciated.

Nottingham City Officers

  • John CLARKE. Pc. 166. K in A 12 Sept 1916, wife, Rose, 13 Cuthbert’s Rd. Nottm
  • Frank GREEN P.c. 105 K in A 4 Oct 1916 wife, Thirza49 Beaconsfield St. Nottm
  • George HANSON P.c 57 K in A 30 Apr 1915 wife, Edith
  • George KERTON P.c. 287 K in A 12.10.1917 wife Anastasia, 52 Vicarage St. Nottm
  • Frederick MATTHEWS P.c. 301 K in A 10 Oct 1917 son of Thompson and Elizabeth, wife Mabel, 97 Bridlington St. Nottm.
  • David Henry SUMNER P.c. 139 K in A 24 Oct 1914 son of John Henry and Maria, 47 Sedgely Ave. Sneinton
  • John THOMPSON P.c. 48 K in A 30 Jul 1916 wife, Julia, 49 Ewart St. Hyson Green
  • George WARRENER P.c. 229 K in A 25 Sep 1916 COUNTY OFFICERS
  • Reginald ANSTEY K in A 2 Jun 1916, son of George & Emma of Bletchley. Served at Hucknall.
  • John George BALLARD K in A 7 Nov 1914 From Long Eaton, served Hucknall.
  • Harold BETTISON K in A 15.9.1916. Son of William & Harriett, of Worksop. Served at Worksop. Enlisted in Coldstream Guards.
  • Charles CURSLEY K in A 3 Sep 1916 4 Roden St. Nottm. Son of Charles & Harriet of Market Harborough.
  • Albert Edward GARRETT K in A 8. Feb 1917 son of Henry & Mary, Ivy Cottage, Daybrook.
  • Frederick Richard HAYES K in A 25 Sep 1916 son of Mrs S Bircunshaw, Eastwood. Lived at 47 Laurel Ave. Littleworth, Mansfield.
  • Frederick James HICHLIFFE K in A 25 Mar 1918 wife, Alice, son of Joseph & Helen
  • Thomas Anthony KERRY K in A 1 Jun 1916 from Rose & Crown P/H, Smalley. Pc at Sutton in Ashfield
  • Stephen KETTLE K in A 4 Oct 1917 from Bourne, Lincs.
  • William LOWE K in A 23 Jun 1916
  • Charles MITCHELL K in A 25 Sep 1914 son of John & Betsy, 60 Whyburn St. Hucknall.
  • Walter SLATER K in A 29 Oct 1914 son of James of 26 Sutton Rd. Huthwaite
  • Arthur SPOWAGE K in A 30 Mar 1918 son of Thomas, of Elston, Newark
  • James TOMLINSON K in A 10 Oct 1916 see below Arthur WALL K in A 1 Dec 1917 son of John of Wollaton. Wife May.
  • Vincent WILKINSON K in A 15 Sep 1916 mother Hannah, of St. Peter’s St. Radford
  • William WILLIS K in A 26 Sep 1916 son of John &Mary of Oxton. Served at Mansfield.

The following died from wounds or illness caused by the war:

  • Frank JOHNSON Died 14.3.1917 of T.B. born at Worksop. Wife Maria, buried Lenton Cemetery.
  • William F. BRUTNELL-LEES. Died 1923 of Wounds. Pc. 100 at Misson
  • ?????? SISSONS. Died of Pneumonia 25 8 1915
  • Samuel BAILEY. Died 1 Jul 1918 at the Chilwell Depot Explosion. Buried at Hucknall Cemetery

 We are trying to find further details of the following:

  • ??????? MILLER. Died of Wounds 1916
  • Thomas LAMB Killed in Action 1916
  • George Ernest CHAPMAN. K in A 29 Oct 1914. Parents, Henry & Harriett Chapman of Thorpe Salvin, Worksop. May have been a P.c. at Worksop but just for 4 months.
  • Albert Henry MITCHELL.
  • ?????? Richard GOSLING K in A 16 Sep 1916. He was born at Hucknall 1884. Wife, Mabel Edith who may be from Skegness. His parents lived at Daybrook in 1916. A Sgt. In the Grenadier Guards. Was he a P.c.
  • James THOMLINSON K in A 10 Oct 1916. He was born about 1891 and comes from the Retford area. He was a Sgt. in the Sherwood Foresters
  • John THOMPSON K in A 1917
  • William BROWN K in A 1916
  • Frank WILLERBY K in A 1916

If you need or can add any further details about the above or you know of any we may have missed you can contact Brian Marshall by letter, e-mail ( ) or telephone on 0115 9556563. We also have a list of Policeman who served and survived the War. We will try and publish them in later newsletters.