Hi All,

British Police Cricket are looking for a  Physio for BPCC Tour week of Sunday 23 – Friday 28 June in Nottinghamshire.

Unfortunately due to budget constraints they can’t pay as such but can offer a free hotel for the week and some drinking vouchers

If there’s any retired officer or otherwise out there that are qualified and would like to be involved with British Police Cricket for the week please contact:

David Fraser Darling at:


At long last we are now able to resume with the Notts NARPO web site, hopefully all the advertisements have been removed and eventually the site will be password protected.

This will mean that the front page is open to view but unless you are registered you will not be able to view any other content. What will happen is that a banner will be put on the front page directing you to the necessary page.

Once we have the necessary software and plugins install another message will be sent out via Nottsnarpo email explaining what you need to do.

Access will be restricted to NARPO Members only

John Kennedy

Secretary Notts NARPO


Hi everyone at last I seem to have resolved my computer problems.

I am now in the process of updating the site and all recents deaths will be placed on the Obituaries Page.

I have sent out details for the Annual Dinner on the main NARPO site at Donotreply NARPO if you have your name down for the Dinner and have not received the email, please get back to me and I will resend.

Hopefully this site will be upto date by this evening

John Kennedy



Email Problems

Regretfully at present the Secretary is having technical problems with his computer which is not allowing access to this site,

For the time being emails will be sent via the main NARPO Database and titled DONOTREPLY.

If you need to contact NARPO please do so via the email address

Once the technical problems have been sorted a further email will be sent, if you are unsure if we have your email on the Database please email us at the above address for us to check.

Emails will only be sent to NARPO Members listed on our database

John Kennedy

Secretary, Notts NARPO

Assistance Sought

Syncopate Media is a media production company based in the Midlands and have made a range of commissioned programmes. We are developing a story idea around the 1984 / 85 miners’ strike, in particular we’re wanting to tell the story from the point of view of the police men and women who were working during the time of the strike in Nottinghamshire. 
I have already made contact with a couple of retired policemen, who worked during the strike and who didn’t support the strike. I would also like to speak with one or two (men or women), who worked and who did support the striking miners. We’re interested in speaking with anyone who; had an opinion about the striking miners, in being known as ‘Thatcher’s Army’, or who had a strong opinion about the strike then, that has now changed.
Are you able to put me in touch with them or to forward my email address?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best Wishes
Patcee Francis
Syncopate Media Ltd
Tel: 03330 119 007
Mob: 07531 863948


I wonder if you could help me. My husband is soon to retire and wants to invite retired officers that he has worked with to a celebratory drink. Although he clearly is not a member of Narpo yet I am and I wondered would it be possible to pass on the following message through Notts Narpo?

Dave Lowe (358) is retiring after 30 years service and would like to invite the friends he’s worked with and made along the way to join him for a drink. He will be at the Navigation Inn next to Notts Country Ground From 5 pm on Friday 19th October. Look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you

Paula Lowe