Death of a Member

It is with regret that I have to inform you of the Death of Thomas Wheeldon which has occurred overnight.

At present Dave Wheelon his son is away on holiday as soon as he returns a full circulation will be sent


John Kennedy

Branch Secretary

3 thoughts on “Death of a Member

  1. In the spring of 1959 i arrived at Bulwell police station to start a three week stint of nights.I was met by a very friendly Pc 229 (call me Port Hole) from my navy days and by the way i am the station cook. He was a great beat bobby who taught me many many things including how to speak and deal with people from all walks of life.Tom didn!t much like paper work and as my unpaid informant he gave me quite a few arrests that did involve paper work.Great memories,great man,RIP Tom. Michael(Mick Pc442)Soult.


  2. Tom was the LIO at Hyson Green when I first joined the job and worked out of Gregory Boulevard and Hamilton House nicks between 1980 – 1983. Tom was always a great one for taking the mickey out of us young inexperienced lads but always in a humorous way! However he was readily approachable if you wanted to know anything about the local villains or a specific MO. A truly great character and a real gent. RIP Tom you will be fondly remembered. Gary Robinson (Retired Dc1662).


  3. Tom ‘showed me round’ from the old Bulwell Police Station on Commercial Road in 1963.
    Didn’t ‘see much’ but ‘learnt at lot’ from him. Has been great to see him in recent years at
    City Police and Northern Division re-unions. Lovely bloke. R.I.P.


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