Welfare Visit

I am looking for someone in the Newark Area who will do a Welfare visit on behalf of NARPO to  a Retired Officer.


If you are available please contact the Secretary John Kennedy by replying to this email


John Kennedy

Secretary Noots NARPO

7 thoughts on “Welfare Visit

  1. Hi John, I live in the Newark area and could do this if no one else has come forward. Tim Burch retired Sgt.

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  2. John, is this a one off or a regular visit? Although retired I’m back in the force as a civvy. Not much spare time.

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  3. Dear John

    Much as though I am slowing down these days, I wondered if I could be of assistance. I have a car and I am still reasonably active …….. so can I put my name forward as wishing to help

    Yours sincerely,

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  4. Dear John

    In light of the fact that I have recently been confined to a hospital bed for a period with pneumonia, I feel it would be sensible to withdraw my application for a series of welfare visits to a retired officer living within the Newark area

    Sent from Alan Chalk



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