Message from Ken Heydon

Hi Everyone, the below link will take you to a page where you can leave a message or light a candle for Dianne Heydon if you wish. Some have asked me about making a donation so there is a Just Giving link on the page… pressure. Dianne liked to raise money for Parkinson’s as her Dad died from it. She supported many charities but as she ran a half marathon in Paphos in March for Parkinson’s it seems fitting.

If you are on Facebook you will have seen this already.

Many thanks, Ken Heydon.

One thought on “Message from Ken Heydon

  1. Diane

    Hi Ken Unfortunately I am and will be in Scotland this week. I will be thinking of you though. My memories of Diane are limited but sincere. I joined after her and was at Westbridgford in the early80s. We were similar in age and she helped me more than she would ever know. A wonderful person to know and now lost. As I say, I will be thinking of her/you later in the week.

    Regards and best wishes Karl Bloch (ex 1323)


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