William Clark

I have received the below from a relative who is trying to trace antecedent history for his grandfather who served at Front Street Arnold until about 1910.

If any of you historian our there have any info please reply to Nottinghamshire NARPO so that I can collate and send a reply

John Kennedy


I am writing this email on behalf of my father, who you spoke to on
phone, he is looking for information on his grandfather William Clark
born 1861 Yorkshire England. He was a policeman in Arnold Nottingham
shire from 1891 and we believe that he died about 1910. Please could
you resend my father your number as he has lost your number, his
is 07909777445.
thank you for looking into this for him.
Janine Chapman
his email is w_clark@sky.com for any replies.


One thought on “William Clark

  1. Just to let you know I emailed the person below and sent him a picture that has featured on our FB history page a couple of times.

    His grandfather is first on the left. And he has an identical picture passed down by the family.

    We are endeavouring to assist him further with details of Pc Clark



    Sent from my iPad



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