Data Protection

Dear All

As Data Protection Controller for the Branch the following will have to take place:-

Due to changes in Data Protections, after liaison with the Branch Chairman and and NARPO HQ the following with take effect immediately.
Notts NARPO contact will be via either or through the Contacts Page on the Notts NARPO Website at, or by phone.
All correspondence with outside agencies will be through via the Secretary
No NARPO correspondence where personal data is contained should be received or sent from personal email addresses.
Both the Secretary and Assistant Secretary in his absence have access to 24/7
Anyone who receives personal data information from the Secretary, should only keep it for the shortist period of time and then destroy it. Once destroyed they should inform the Secretary of this fact. Members who request such data must identify the purpose for which they require the Data.
Anyone who has access to data should ensure that it either kept under lock and key for paper copies and password protected for electronic data, should anyone lose data, they must notify the Secretary immediately who will decide whether the loss warrants notification with the Data Protection Commissioner (a requirement under the Act)
The Secretary is in the process of drawing up a list of outside agencies who receive data from Notts NARPO and this list will not be exhaustive so please feel free to request outside bodies are included on the list.
This information will be circulated to the Branch via the Notts NARPO website and the contact list on in the first instance then through the next Newsletter.
The Secretary is aware that these measures appear draconian but it is for the protection of all members
John Kennedy

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