I have been in contact with Keir, they inform me they are using the codes issued to them in March by HMRC.

Before contacting Keir please check on your recent pension advice that Keir are using the same code that your were notified by HMRC.

To obtain your code you can contact HMRC direct on 0300 200 3300 using your unique reference from your pension advice should start 507/*******.

If HMRC tax code is different to the one on your pension advice request that HMRC notify Keir of the correct coding and an adjustment will be made on next months pension

If you were notified by electronic means of your Code you will need to log onto the government gateway with your own unique reference.

Please do not contact Keir direct they cannot make any adjustment they have to wait notification from HMRC before any adjustment is made.

John Kennedy


4 thoughts on “HMRC TAXATION CODE

  1. RE the recent Tax Code error reported by members on month end 30/4/18 pension advice slips.:
    I confirmed the Tax code on my Pension advice from Kier for month ending 30/4/18 was incorrect and different (higher) than the notice of coding I received from HMRC on 9/3/18- Rang HMRC and they state my tax code from them is correct and they are adamant that is what they advised Kier and the error was made by Kier and not HMRC. They will advise Kier AGAIN electronically of my correct code. This should be corrected on next pension advice for month ending 31/5/18 but I am not holding my breath!! One of them made the error but obviously no one will admit it .


  2. Keir had not actioned my coding notice which HMRC advised them of in March . They have now!

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  3. As the result of your letter I contacted HMRC and they confirmed their code but when they checked with Kier , Keir had used a code 48 numbers higher. HMRC stated they would re-contact Keir and advise them of the correct code. Many thanks for the update


  4. John Just a quick note that my codes did not agree. Phoned HMRC to be told that I should contact Kier. Recited the wording of your email and they stated that they would retransmit my code to Kier. Makes you wonder whether there has been a massive problem which will not be solved until the end of the year when they start reclaiming tax. Many thanks


    Chris Shardlow

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