I have just received the following email, sadly it is one of a number and I do not see how Kier has got it so wrong this month.

“I’ve just received my April pension advice from Kier and on checking found the tax code used did not match that of the HMRC notification I received in March. I’d already checked to make sure the HMRC code was correct for my income. I called HMRC who confirmed that the had notified Kier of my correct tax code and are going to contact them again so that Kier can correct my code and tax deductions in Mays pension. With the incorrect code Kier have used I’d be paying too little tax and could have ended up with a tax bill in the future. I don’t know if the mistake by Kier to my tax coding is something that affects just me of whether it might affect other police pensioners so this is a message for all to check their HMRC tax notification against that used by Kier so as to stop others from underpaying tax or even overpaying.”

It made be that you have paid too much tax or too little you need to check

John Kennedy

Secretary, Notts NAPRPO


5 thoughts on “HMRC TAXATION CODE

  1. I have had the same problem. Its a disgrace and needs sorting and more importantly an explanation please.

    Sent from Samsung tablet.


  2. Me too. The Tax Code Kier have used for me in their April 2018 Pension Payment Advice does not match the one notified to me by HMRC.

    It give one little confidence in how they are going to handle the Widows Pension question also!

    I have tried sending an email to Kier at (my last communication with Kier some days ago) and the email has been returned as undelivered unrecognised address!!!

    What is happening?


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