I am a Magistrate and a member of The Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Nottinghamshire, we are currently seeking to recruit new magistrates to commence sitting in 2019.

You cannot apply if you are currently employed by the police service and, if a retired officer, must have been retired for at least two years.  JP’s cannot sit after the age of 70, so applicants should be under 65.

Magistrates are unpaid members of the judiciary but can claim expenses and an allowance for lost wages if appropriate.

If you or someone you know may be interested, more information and application forms can be found on the following website:


Applications should be sent by 30 April 2018 to the Nottinghamshire Advisory Committee via the Legal Administration Support Team at:


We will be interviewing applicants between April and July 2018. Successful candidates who are appointed as magistrates would be expected to sit at both Nottingham and Mansfield Magistrates Courts.


Bruce Cameron JP.


5 thoughts on “J P RECRUITMENT

  1. As someone who sat for nine years as a JP in Leicestershire (currently on the Supplemental List after a couple of health issues) I would urge any retired officer with time on their hands to give this serious consideration. It’s a valuable opportunity to make use of many years of police experience evaluating evidence – I certainly don’t regret my stint and may well take up where I left off if my circumstances change. Best Wishes, Colin Macdonald JP


  2. Dear Bruce

    Congratulations for becoming a magistrate. However I am now 71 so cannot take up your offer. However I hope many retired officers do take it up.

    I remember as a young 19 year old constable having to give evidence for every summary offence and as you know our output was a factor in whether we succeeded our 2 year probation period. I used to see a lot of common sense and realism in a most, if not all sentencing. However many of those people male and female had experienced the long years of World War 2 and had maturity and considerable practical experience. There judgments were tempered with that experience! Most Police Officers (with some exceptions) who have served faithfully for 30 plus years have a lot to offer the bench, providing of course they have the necessary skills and temperament.

    Best wishes

    Richard Dillon Retired Nottingham Central now 20 plus years!


  3. Hello My name is David Westwood I am a retired Notts officer since 2011 aged 57 and a member of Narpo. I am interested in applying to become a magistrate at Mansfield and have extensive knowledge of that court in particular having worked on A division for over 20 years. I have tried to access the links on the Government website to access the application forms and guidance notes however when I try to open the links all I get is a white screen.Would it be possible to send copies of the application form and guidance notes to my e mail as attachments? My e mail is      westwood667@btinternet.com or I can be contacted by mobile on 07917 167495 Kind regards David Westwood


  4. I’ve been asked to clarify how the two year gap between any police service and being eligible to become a magistrate is calculated. Unfortunately, the rules are not very clear or specific as they refer to people being ineligible and just give examples, including working for the police. But, the advice I’ve been given by the Deputy Justices Clerk is that two years between retirement and the date of appointment as a JP is likely to be sufficient. We (The Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Nottinghamshire) are planning to submit our recommendations for appointment in late July this year. So I think that gives a date for retirement before 31 July 2016, but the final decision will rest with the Senior Presiding Judge and Lord Chancellor.
    Bruce Cameron JP.


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