Historic Case

I am an assistant producer with Peninsula Television and we are making a documentary for CBS, UK, about the Christopher Scott case. He raped two girls in 1992 but despite an extensive media appeal he was never caught until 2017, thanks to the extensive and patient investigation by Nottinghamshire Police and advancements in DNA. Our programme focuses on how great detective work paired with the use of forensic sciences solved this case.

I am looking to get in touch with the police officers who were part of the original investigation teams but as it was in the 90s it is difficult to find their names. We would really like to interview them for the documentary. Their persistent investigation led to Christopher Scott’s conviction.

The case was covered on Crimewatch in 1992 and 2008.

if anyone comes back to you, please ask them to email me with their phone number  and I can call them to chat through the details. We are aiming to film the documentary in two weeks.

Many Thanks,


Daisy Hanahoe
Assistant Producer
Peninsula Television
+353 (0)87 763 9520

One thought on “Historic Case

  1. I’m pretty sure the officer who dealt with this initially was D/Sgt Terry PARRY who was based at Oxclose Lane CID at the time.


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