Details of the next year’s premiums are in February’s NARPO News and show significant increase in premium so you may get calls. Single £267.80 from £212.50.
Married/partner £374.90 from £297.50
Single parent £371.70 from £295.00
Family £393.80 from £312.50.
Seems a lot but it’s the claims record. Just compared the cost with what it would cost for Una and I to get travel insurance £1156 for a year.
Brian Burdus, Branch Chairman and National President


  1. Hi, can you please clarify the position on travel insurance. I have been told as an ex police officer and a member of NARPO I am automatically covered for travel insurance however you email suggests otherwise. Also if I am covered is my partner also covered. Regards Jeff Haywood

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    • Jeff

      It all depends on whether or not you were in the Police Federation Group Insurance scheme, that can carry on into retired providing you ares till contributing to the Scheme, The NARPO Scheme is totally seperate and you have to pay to be in the NARPO Travel Scheme

      John kennedy


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