Widows and Widowers Pensions

At the meeting of the Joint Police Pension Board administered by Kier last Friday, I raised the issue of the enhanced survivors pension as promised and I will circulate the minutes when they are published.

However, to reassure members, Kier were able to confirm that they do have records of the options exercised in 1972 and 1990 for all fourteen pension schemes covered by the board.  I was also able to dip-test this with the co-operation of a member, who not only has an excellent memory, but also keeps comprehensive records and still had his original receipt from 1973 when he opted to upgrade his widows pension by payment of a lump sum; this check confirmed that the record was correct, and all the relevant information had been transferred to and recorded by Kier.

Since the e-mails sent by our NARPO Chief Executive (copies below), Keir have received over 1000 e-mails and telephone calls about this issue.  They will answer every query individually but have asked me to point out that the unprecedented demand will mean that they are likely to take longer than their normal two weeks to reply to some.  If any member has not already contacted Kier and is still concerned or wants confirmation of them upgrading their pre-1972 (male officers) or pre-1990 (female officers) survivors pension by paying a lump sum or increased contributions, please contact Kier via e-mail on: penmail@kier.co.uk,  the police pensions team would prefer members to use e-mail if possible, as the volume of telephone calls on this issue are causing them significant logistical issues.

I hope this assists and reassures members, if you have any further queries for the Pension Board, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Bruce Cameron JP

Vice Chair, Nottinghamshire NARPO

Member, Joint Police Pension Board

3 thoughts on “Widows and Widowers Pensions

  1. Do I understand correctly that as I joined the Notts Police in 1975 that I DO NOT have to worry about the enhanced survivors pension, as it was amended prior to me joining?

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  2. Hi Bruce,

    could you send me a copy of the original message on this subject please. I need a re-read and haven’t kept it,


    Philip Hurt

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