Tom Varley

Reading the ‘welfare’ item on page 2 of the latest newsletter (issue 139) prompted me to contact you with details of my parents.  My father, Tom, a NARPO member is now 93 years old and because of illness has been unable to leave the house for some years.  Although my wife, son and I, together with my brother and his family visit and help my parents when possible, I wondered whether a different face may be refreshing.

Tom Varley, born 09/05/1924 served with Nottinghamshire as Constable and Sergeant (Sgt 236) from 1950 to 1979, retiring to take up as a civilian staff member before his final retirement in 1989.

He served initially at Nottingham, then transferred to the Combined Constabulary in 1954 where he served at Clipstone. On promotion in 1965 he moved to Sutton-in-Ashfield before taking up the role of Crime Prevention sergeant for Bassetlaw Division in 1967, a role in which he remained to the end of his service.

Pete Varley

(Formerly Sgt 248, Notts – 1972 to 2004)

01623 475264

5 thoughts on “Tom Varley

  1. Dear ‘young’ Tom Varley With cloudy memories I call the pleasure to mind of knowing and working with your father Pc and Sgt ….. Nottingham County held a ‘Crime Prevention Campaign’ (late 50s) of which Tom was a leading factor. I was instrumental in making some of the exhibits….. and I accompanied your Dad on the campaign to Hucknall…… We were welcomed everywhere. We even had a ‘Stand’ in the Nottingham Council House Building…. I trust you keep well and I cannot imaging that we have ever met… but then, what does that matter??? Sincerely Dennis Harrison 354 / 1154 ret. 1975 ________________________________


  2. Thanks Ian. Hope you are also keeping well. I’d sent the above (and a bit more which included my mum) to the secretaries purely in case anyone might want to call round. I didn’t expect it to be put out as an e-mail, but there you go. Thanks for the best wishes. Kindest regards to you and yours. Pete


  3. Hi Pete, I think we have spoken before. I knew your Dad when I was a young Constable at Worksop. (Pre Bassetlaw) I think Tom was the Crime Prevention Sergeant. I live in Mansfield and if the above, as I remember it is correct and you think Tom would appreciate it, I would be only to0 pleased to visit him. Best wishes Richard (Matt) Dillon.


    • Hello Matt. Long time, no see. I hope you are well. Apologies for not seeing this before, but I don’t very often go to the computer at home after spending all day using one at work. Plus the fact that I’m not used to ‘posting’ and social media, so I didn’t remember to check if anyone had commented. That said, I shall see dad tomorrow evening when I’ll put it to him. He can be a bit changeable, depending on how well/poorly he feels at the time. At the very least I can pass on your best wishes. I’m sure he’ll appreciate that. Thanks for the reply, I’ll let you know. Best wishes, Pete


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