Widow(ers) Pension

Further to my last email our Pension Administrator is Kier, along with a number of other Forces, I am in communication with Kier to see how they wish to progress this matter.

I would ask that members hold fire for the time being until I get a definative response from them


John Kennedy

Secretary, Notts NARPO

4 thoughts on “Widow(ers) Pension

  1. Ref your last post re widow pensions I can’t remember seeing any recent e-mail regarding this. Could you please remind me or resend the original. Thanks Alan cunningham

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  2. To John Kennedy As discussed John please forward details as below:-

    Ron Nightingale is organising a reunion of Hyson Green sub-division on Wednesday 4th April 2018. It is a daytime function starting at 12 mid-day at the Stadium Leisure Club, Nottingham Road, Basford. A buffet will be provides, cost £5. All are welcome including former colleagues who had associations with Hyson Green. Bookings with £5 (cash please) to Ron Nightingale at 473 Nuthall Road Nottingham NG8 5DD. tele 0115 9136109 If you know anyone who may be interested and does not have an e-mail please inform them.


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