The National CEO Steve Edwards has asked me to circulate this message


Dear All,

I am writing to invite you to take part in a survey that will help us measure our members’ views on housing.

NARPO has been working closely with our partners in Later Life Ambitions to respond to the Communities and Local Government Committee inquiry into housing and older people. This Parliamentary inquiry is examining whether there is sufficient housing available for older people that is suitable for their needs.

Earlier this year, Later Life Ambitions submitted a response to the inquiry, which was based on evidence provided by our members. Following the submission, we have continued to maintain close links with the Committee and have been asked to run a member’s survey on housing to complement the inquiry.

Your response to this survey will feed directly into the Committee’s final report, which will in turn be used to make recommendations to Government. It is extremely positive that the Committee has identified LLA as a key group to consult with during their inquiry, and is a great parliamentary endorsement of our work.

The survey consists of a brief series of questions on your own housing situation, and it can be completed in only a few minutes. We can assure that your evidence will be dealt with in confidence, and your details will be anonymised.

Please find the survey online here.

Kind Regards,

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