At the Branch Committee Meeting on Friday 5th January 2018 the following three proposals were made in light of the recent changes to National Rules.

1 Branch Rules 2018

2 Misconduct Procedure 2018

3 Welfare Policy 2018

In accordance with our branch Rules these three policies need to be put to the AGM in April for ratification, and each member needs to be informed either by email or newsletter of the proposals.

Should any amendments be proposed by the membership they should be proposed and seconded by two members and sent to the Secretary John Kennedy, 9 Jessops Lane Gedling, Nottingham NG4 4BQ or email to to arrive no later than Friday 23rd March 2018.

This message will also be circulated on the next Branch Newsletter

To find details of the proposals please visit the forms page on this site at

John Kennedy

Secretary Notts NARPO

One thought on “BRANCH RULES

  1. Hi John, Happy new year to you. Having reached the grand old age of 70 years and no longer on the Federation books, do I still remain with NARPO. If so my annual subscription is due. How much? What is your address now.

    Regards Pete Jones

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