Caroline Leighton

I ave been contacted by a member of the group that is looking after Carolines’ needs, although the message appeared on Facebook and we were requested to publish this is not the case and appears that whoever published on Facebook did not have the required permission to do so.

It is hoped that Sally Magnani will keep us updated on the Carolines’ condition, please do not visit or contact at this stage


John Kennedy

3 thoughts on “Caroline Leighton

  1. John, I’m confused… I’ve no idea of what appeared on FB? Who’s fb page and who posted it? I wasn’t talking about any Facebook post, I was talking about the email which you sent out yesterday… Your email me it look like I’ve thrown my toys out of my pram, I haven’t, I’m just trying to act in Caroline’s best interests.

    Can I ask, what have you been asked to do and by whom? Thanks, Sally


  2. I have copied this message on the FB entry it refers to so that the person who posted it originally should see it as should the page admins.


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