Caroline Leighton

Caroline Leighton, a retired Sgt (92) who is very poorly in Hayward House, City Hospital. Caroline never married and only has one brother who lives away from Nottingham. The prognosis for Caroline is not good, a degenerative condition but she may rally with contact from old friends. Caroline is a NARPO member.
Ruth Statham is a friend and is visiting and can be contacted or 07974 383087.



One thought on “Caroline Leighton

  1. Hi all, I’m contacting you in relation to the below email about Caroline.

    There is a group of 5 of us who have been in contact with Caroline throughout the time of her illness, I am one of that group.

    Unfortunately, although we know it was with genuinely the right intention, permission was not sought before providing Ruth’s email and phone number to you for general dissemination. Nor was the group contacted as to whether Caroline would actually want such contact. She is a very private person and we believe she would not want such an email sending out.

    She is so much more ill than your email suggests and visits at this time would not help her rally. She is now in palliative care, and there is no treatment which can help her. She has very little recognition of people and has very little communication ability.

    As such, the group have liaised and we ask that you send out another email rescinding the first one about visiting and contact, with the intention of giving Caroline some dignity and privacy in her last few weeks.

    Thank you.


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