Welfare Visits

Neil (Zippy) Hopewell

Neil is  at present in the Hatzfeld Care Home and his wife Angela as asked if any of his colleagues would care to visit him and cheer him up.     He is mobile and can talk but he has trouble remembering events, names of people etc.

Visits would be very much appreciated and it would help to brighten his day.

Hatzfeld Care Home address is 10B Mansfield Road, Blidworth NG21 0PN and the telephone number is 01623 464541.     Please try not to visit between 12nn and 1.00pm and between 4.00pm and 5.00pm as this is meal times.

John Kennedy

Secretary, NottsNARPO

One thought on “Welfare Visits

  1. Have been to see Zippy today (19/12/2017) and it was great to see him, but unfortunately he is not the same Zippy we all knew. His short term memory is not good, but any ex cops out there who worked with him in his early service may help to jog his memory he certainly seemed to recognise me, although he’d forgotten I’d been when Angie went 3 hours later.
    We once covered each others backs in times of adversity, so lets not forget Neil now and do all that we can to try to bring back his memory, maybe a long shot, but we owe it to him. Anyone with old photos of the shift are more than welcome to forward them to me to show him, or take them to visit him themselves, seeing the faces might help him recall those times and it would certainly help to relieve his situation I am sure of it. (Gary Dixon)


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