Sponsorship Request

Sonia Kendal who worked at Central front counter for many years, is taking part in a sponsored swim on 18/11/2017 at Lenton baths between 1215-1315 .
Sadly Sonia had been diagnosed with terminal cancer however with support from Paul Moore and his wife , she wants to raise enough money to buy an interactive game for children having treatment for cancer . She’s hoping to raise £1000 . She’s going to do her best in the pool but Paul and others will swim in her behalf.
Sonia wants something positive to come from her situation and wants to give children something to distract them through thier treatment. It would be fabulous to raise enough by the day of her swim

It would be lovely for people to show support at the poolside and all are welcome to cheer them on.
Sonia would also like to hear from old colleague s.
Please contact me , Paul , Stan and Bernie Kingsbury for her number

Donations can be made at the event or through any of the above persons . Donations can also be made on line or to me at Oxclose police station ( PP) . Please contact me and I will provide options and payment methods.

Many thanks

Ruth Woodcock


One thought on “Sponsorship Request

  1. Hi Sonia
    It was lovely to see you and Pete last Saturday, when you came round for a cuppa. Sorry we can’t be there on the 18th, but our support and best wishes go with you and the team.
    Love Geoff and Margaret Baillon xx


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