Email Scam

Perhaps the membership should be aware of the latest computer scam that got me yesterday.
Please see the attached screen shot that comes up at the front of what appears to be a legitimate Microsoft window. A female voice then continually repeats a warning which includes the words, if you switch your computer off then all of your bank and personal details will be compromised. You are then told to ring an 0800 number on the Microsoft window. This is not Microsoft they are India origin males who try to take you through fixing the problem on line. This doesn’t work and the eventually they ask for £399 for 4 yrs cover.
The whole thing is a scam and cost me £30 to get it off my laptop.
Kind regards, Tim Burch.




4 thoughts on “Email Scam

  1. If you press the X exit button it will put another display on the top of the original, and each time you do it. You will not be able to exit the site or internet or navigate away from it. Control/Alt/delete will take you to task manager and you can highlight the browser and delete that task. Restart your computer and run your Antivirus software and SuperAntispyware or Malware bytes. If it is a virus or spyware it will detect and remove it. It is in all probability it is ransomeware and riding on the back of an item on the page you visited.


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