Message from Sandy Twigg

‘Hello to all my lovely friends. This will be the last time you here from me..
My cancer is now at a stage where I need constant care.
Discharged my self yesterday from the hospice.
I will be staying with friends for a few days before I move up to Carlisle midweek to live out my time with my best friend Wendy and her husband Peter
I would like to Thankย  everybody for their friendship over the years and the fantastic times we had.
Take care of each other and I hope you remember me with a smile.
Lots of love and hugs to you.
If you come to my funeral, wear something bright and cheerful.


4 thoughts on “Message from Sandy Twigg

  1. Hi Sandy, will always remember you with great fondness – an early pioneer in a very male environment. God bless. Greg Drozdowski


  2. Thanks for letting us all know your extremely sad news Sandy, we hope that all goes as well as possible for you. Best Wishes from Maureen and Gary Mitchell (ex PC232)


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