Information Requested

DC Tina Gilfoyle states:-

I am trying to find an officer who dealt with the following case on 23rd September 1992. The circumstances are as follows,
A 17 year old girl was on her way home from her friends house on Sherwood Rise to Mapperley Hall Drive in Mapperley Park shortly before her curfew of 10pm. This was the week before Goose Fair which was in the process of being set up. An older man appeared from behind her and attacked towards the top of Mapperley Hall Drive. She was punched to her head and knocked to the ground where she was repeatedly kicked and punched and touched sexually. Occupants of a nearby address heard her screams and disturbed the attacker who made off. The witnesses called for an Ambulance and Police who attended, and she was taken to hospital by Ambulance. This case remained undetected until recently. The original paperwork is no longer available and we are trying to identify the officer in the case at the time. If anyone has any knowledge can they contact DC 203 Gilfoyle at the Major Crime Unit tel. 101 ext 810 1337.


One thought on “Information Requested

  1. Tina I remember an attack on a girl under the old footbridge on Gregory Blvd leading from the old school to the fair site which was undetected. I have a feeling that ex Dc Mick Shotbolt was involved in that one and it would be about the same time.
    Steve Draper


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