Sponsorship Request

My name is Nigel Hinchliffe, I am a retired Nottinghamshire Police Officer, (ex-Pc1881).

My Great-nephew, Dawson, is 21 months old and in January this year he was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. If that wasn’t bad enough in April it was revealed that the chemotherapy wasn’t working and not only had the tumour grown, it had spread to his lungs. New drugs were tried but it made no difference, the cancer was resistant to the chemotherapy. Dawson’s only chance of reaching his 2nd birthday lies with a specialist surgeon in Cincinnati who has had some success treating children with similar conditions, so his parents are trying to raise $600,000 (approx. £500,000), which is the estimated cost of transporting him to America and the treatment over there. But time is our enemy.

Starting on 28th July I am undertaking a charity motorcycle ride from John O’Groats to Lands End in an effort to raise as much money as possible for Dawson’s cause. I was wondering if you could help raise the profile of Dawson’s plight and my fund-raising bike ride.

These links will take you to further information about Dawson and the various fund-raising efforts taking place:

A Facebook page detailing Dawson’s medical updates:


BBC News feature:


The Sun newspaper article:


Fund-raising events for Dawson:



Please contact me if you want any further information.

Thank you,

Nigel Hinchliffe.

07990 703020


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