Subscribing Using A Smart Phone

New visitors to the site using smart phones or tablet devices may have difficulty finding the subscription panel which appears on the right hand side of each page when viewed using a normal computer.  The panel, along with all of the others such as ‘Search’,  are available on smaller devices but appear at the foot of each page when using them.  Probably the best way to access them is via the Contact page as this is the page with the smallest content.  Using your smart device go to the site, access the menu at the top of the initial page viewed and select ‘Contact’,  scroll to the bottom of the page containing the contact form and subscribe from there entering your email address and pressing the button.  From that point onward you will receive an email every time a new subject is posted to the home page.  Remember that there is no cost to subscribing and that you may unsubscribe at any time later using the appropriate link from the last email you receive via this method.

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