I have prepared this document from copies received by me as a member of the Notts

Branch of Narpo the first part to number 13 was in an email from Gordon Hardy who I am sure would be proud to know that someone cared enough to keep such a document. (29.6.2005)

Hello Narpo Members

I feel it would be remiss of me if I did not make comment, through this medium to inform you of the resignation of Ex Inspector John Stuart Holwell from his position of Vice Chairman of the Nottinghamshire NARPO Committee.

He has been ably assisted over the years by his wife Daphne and together they have worked tirelessly and unselfishly to further the interests of the members of Nottinghamshire NARPO.

Johns’ decision to relinquish his post completes 55 years of being a serving officer in the Notts Force and many many years as a Member of various committees.

The following indicates in part, what this ‘Gentleman’ – I use that phrase in both senses of the word – has achieved.

1)  Benevolent Fund Committee Member

2)  Death Grant Fund Committee Member

3)  NARPO Committee Vice-chairman.

4)  NARPO Resettlement Courses.

Organised and ran this crucial course for serving officers approaching

retirement for twelve years.  (NARPO branch membership increased

by over three hundred members following the introduction of these courses)

5) Narpo Telephone Death Warning System.

104 letters each year and compiled new lists.

Distribution done by Mrs Holwell.

6)  Compiled NARPO database over a two and a half year period

with Mrs Daphne Holwell.   Poured life into this project.

Made both of them ill, with the amount of work they carried out.

7) NARPO Widows. Birthday Cards.  Organised and

printed off lists each quarter, from the Database.

8)  Dealt with Deaths of NARPO Members and E mail messages.

Liaised with relatives, FHQ, Notts CC, County Hall, Wakefield – etc etc.

9)  Vast and invaluable knowledge of rules and regulations.  Gave helpful advice on

pension matters to the members and in the case of one widow succeeded in getting

her pension reinstated and back dated by one year.

10) Contacts and liaison with all departments too immense to list.

11) Struggled for years with severe back problems, the last few being on crutches, with his wife driving him all over the County, in pursuance of the good of the Members.

12)  When all the membership records of the Benevolent and Death Grant Funds were lost  worked with the then Acting Secretary, John Hammond, to help to restore them

13)  Totally dedicated Member of all the Committees, with an input to them all

too valuable to calculate.

The email finishes with the sad news of the CT scan that Daphne was due to undertake on the 27th June 2005.

I have fond memories of working with John and Daphne after my retirement and helping with the delivery of the Pre Retirement Courses and was proud to continue in his wake after he was eventually forced to leave this area of work.

As an addition to number four above he had organised and developed the course and when the course was redesigned and reprogrammed the research carried out by Brian Dewing and myself, proved how good the content was as the course content compared with banking institutes, major industry and university retirement courses.

He was also involved in the distribution of The Police Pension Scheme booklet on behalf of the Force who as administrators of the scheme were responsible for but had not grasped the importance until pushed and together with John and Daphne all the booklets were distributed.


Ged Clowes.

2 thoughts on “JOHN HOLWELL

  1. Yet another colleague I never met or worked with but what fantastic commitment by both John and his wife. All members must owe a debt of gratitude to both of them.
    Thanks also Ged for telling the story in a lovely way which could only have been written by someone with close personal knowledge of a good friend.


  2. JOHN was my first Inspector when I arrived at Retford PS as a very wet behind the ears 19 year old fresh from training school. True gentleman and I’ve never forgotten him. On his last working day (9-5), he was still sending a telex on the old teleprinter in the Retford Borough Office. He had to to encouraged to go home and enjoy his retirement. Please pass on my regards. Glenn Harper, PC 1228 (retired 2010 as Chief Insp)


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