ESA Update


Employment Support Allowance

Letters have been sent by Kier in February and March to Members in receipt of injury pensions.

Another letter has been sent on 17th March by Equiniti to its Members in receipt of injury pensions.

Other Pension Administrators may also send out something similar.

The way the Regulations were amended means that they can now reduce injury awards by the amount of contribution based ESA someone is receiving irrespective of what it is being received for, or if there has been a break.

We are in correspondence with the Policing Minister and Home Office in relation to this, which is a severe worsening of our Members’ status prior to this amendment, and as such, we are liaising with the Police Federation and taking legal advice on this matter in an effort to resolve the problem.

Kier has already started these deductions and others will follow suit. In the meantime, we would wish to collate any individual circumstances where people are affected. Please forward these by email to  or write to our HQ address.

The advice to members is that if they believe they are entitled to the contributions based ESA, they should apply. The below links to the Government website and Disability Rights UK Factsheet provide additional advice on this matter. The DWP may be able to assist further.

If you are in the process of applying for ESA, please add this to the form when returning your reply to the Pension Administrator.

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