Ill Health Survey

The College of Policing are currently undertaking a review of Ill Health [IH] and Injury Award [IOD] procedures and processes within Forces and as such they circulated a survey for completion. This survey was placed on our website for those retired officers to complete who had experiences in dealing with or going through IH and/or IOD processes. Unfortunately The College of Policing has requested that we remove that survey from our website as: “Your members completing this questionnaire is going to skew the analysis so it will no longer accurately reflect the perceptions of those individuals.” In view of that we have removed their survey from our website as requested. However we have as a consequence set up our own Survey along the same lines so that we can capture and represent the views of our members to The College of Policing as in our view no review can be complete if it merely seeks the views of one target audience and not the views of all those who have been through any of these processes, otherwise the results will undoubtedly be ‘skewed’ in favour of the Forces completing the surveys. We would encourage everyone who has been through any of these processes to complete the survey so that we can present the views of our members to the College of Policing review team and provide them with a true reflection of how Forces perform in this area from the point of view of the most important person involved in it: The person being reviewed or assessed. Please encourage your members who have been through this process to complete the questionnaire at: